November 20, 2016

PeCanaan Land 2.0

If you're new to this blog, drop down and check out a couple of the recent posts. This post is just to share some of the activities and "progress" we're attempting at PeCanaan Land.
We love our bees. Two hives produced about 150 pounds of honey in the 2016 season. Can't wait to see what the girls will do next year! Oh, and they love the Union Pacific train, too! Next, suited up for beekeeping.

The Autumn harvest. 45 pounds of very floral, aromatic honey.

The bees love our PeCanaan Land because of all the wildflowers.
A few years ago, the owners cleared a lot of random trees on the property. There were pine, hedge apple, cedar, oak, and some other (as of yet) undetermined species. All that is left is Pecans! (And a couple stray cedars and black walnuts that are about to get axed.) Unfortunately, the dumb-dummy owners had the timber piled up in three ponds on the property. So, our quest has become clearing the ponds. And that means a LOT of work. 
We bought a Ford 8n tractor to help with the heavy lifting.

We call this "base camp". No telling what will evolve here over time, but this is the place of fire and that means this is where we will gather and starting making memories we hope will bless our generations farther than we can imagine.
Last entry. Along the southern edge of our PeCanaan Land is a 350 foot long line of giant, old pecan trees. There are 14 trees spaced from about 25 to 40 feet apart. The "average" tree in the rest of PeCanaan Land is not more than 3 feet in circumference. The trees in this southern grove range from 7 feet all the way up to 11 feet around!! (The largest in Kansas is 15 feet.) These giants look out north over the rest of their progeny like guardians, sentinels.
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet The Elders.
They will each be named for loved ones and dear friends who have benevolently watched over and blessed our lives.
(There is a total lack of scale and perspective in this photo. The tree in the foreground is the oldest and largest. 11 feet in circumference. I'll work at getting a proper image.)

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