January 14, 2017

The Beginning of a Great Tradition

As I mentioned in my last post, on PeCanaan Land we are dedicating a tree for each of our children and grandchildren. The day before Thanksgiving 2016, all eleven Smiths made the first pilgrimage together to PL.

We pre-selected Enoch's tree because it was ideally suited for a big-boy swing which was patiently awaiting his arrival.

Noah and Tiffany selected a beautiful tree near-by for Annalyse.

Isaac and Heather picked a tree for Caleb that overlooks the creek and is ideally suited for treehouse.

Farther out in the main meadow is a small grove of four trees that will be designated Isaac, Noah, Joshua, Gideon. And later this year, we'll begin to name The Elders, a special row of stately old pecans that watch over PeCanaan Land day and night.

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