March 7, 2017

Winter Is Work!

Although the trees, the bees, and the flowers are all enjoying a long winter nap, there is still work to do at PeCanaan Land. We bought a mower in December.
Yup, that's a mower. And even at five feet wide it still takes a long time to knock down 12 acres of undergrowth. Without animals grazing down the pasture, nature wants to take over and return the land to a plot full of woody plants with no real value. We need to mow to keep the land from reverting to forest. The mower is slow, but there is a faster way...
You can always set the place on fire! ACCIDENTALLY. The winter has been dry and a cozy little campfire became a prairie fire in no time at all. The wonderful men of Miami County Fire Department came out and saved our behinds.

Back to mowing...

The creek is in the middle of the mowed sections and there's not much to do about the brush along the banks. But you can see where we've mowed. There are patches of wild roses and thick willow saplings that have grown up to 2" thick. The mower is knocking 'em down and making the place look beautiful.
Looking back the other direction. New shooting range installed. But all is not work at PeCanaan Land. We must occasionally take a break.

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