December 2, 2019

The Family Tree

Let's do somewhat of an update on the old family tree.

Isaac and Heather with Caleb and Betsy Lu (living in Overland Park, KS)

Noah and Tiffany with Enoch and Annalyse (living in Durham, NC)

Joshua and Sara (living in Utopia)

Gideon and Kortni (living in Northwest Arkansas)

Clark & Alyse (living patriotically)

Clark & Alyse (living with fleas... in markets)

Clark & Alyse (living colorfully)

Clark & Alyse (living at home, on the range)

Clark & Alyse (living rustically)

Clark & Alyse (living nostalgically)

Clark & Alyse (living without appropriate adult supervision)

Clark & Alyse (living with our generations firmly in mind)

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