Greatest Books

in my humble opinion... (in no particular order)

The Experience Economy is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. For the business person it is about marketplace economics. For me, it was about culture, values, and what we choose to conspicuously consume. (Get to know the authors at their website. And one of their partner companies also have something interesting to say.)  

Naked Economics: I’m not a classically trained economist. In fact, I’m virtually illiterate on the subject… until I read this outstandingly straightforward and compelling book. Ask me about rhinoceri sometime. No, read the book and you call tell me about them.

The Tipping Point: A brilliant analysis of how ideas flow through culture. From the resurgence of Hush Puppies to the epidemic of suicide among young Malaysian males, the author reveals what makes ideas tip toward cultural prominence. (The author's website is a great repository of more of his insightful writing.)      

The Mind of Christ: I use this book routinely in discipleship groups. The author develops a very deliberately introspective approach to learning to live as if we were walking with Christ.
Men Are From Mars: Cliches exist because they reliably demonstrate truth. This book could be almost as effective in preventing / resolving marital problems as the entire contents of the Bible itself. I'm not kidding and I don't say that lightly.        

Great Expectations: We did it! Baby Boomers changed the world forever! From hula hoops to Oldies radio stations to the impending failure of Social Security, the ironic collision of our individuality and collective generational mass changed the way the world works. (It's worth whatever effort it takes to find it.)

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